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i'm just a girl

guess im some kind of freak

15 May
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Hey guys!
Well My name is Jaclyn but mostly everyone calls me Jackie, which ever you want would be fine. I go to chapin high school where i am class of 2008~!
I am quiet mostly but that dosen't mean i can't be hyper and Weird, cuz i can be sometimes. I L♥VE Music! I like making people happy which im sure you all know can be a good and bad thing. I am very loyal when it comes to things i truely care about. I like to help people out the best i can when they need it.I love making new friends =) So make me happy and leave me a comment!

♥My letter to you♥

I'm a nice person, but don't test it. i love to just hang out and have fun and laugh. I don't like drama. I don't like rude people. So plez dont bring it along. Im very shy which sometimes comes off as me being rude, im sorry don't take it in the wrong way. If you wanna chat, I promise i wont totally blow you off,even if we have had differences in the past. I'll treat you with respect and I expect the same. I get hurt easily, ill admit it, it's not one of my strongest characteristic. Don't go on things you've heard about me, get to know me on your own. If you wanna hang out sometime just leave me and comment and let me know :) Love you guys! ♥ xoxo

♥A few things I love♥

♥I Love Rain ♥
♥I love Roses ♥
♥I Love Music! ♥
♥I love writting ♥
♥I love pictures ♥
♥I love comments ♥
♥I love going to the Mall ♥
♥I love going to the movies ♥
♥I love to have fun w/my buddys♥

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